Skincare Science

    Watch Solgesic, Inc. founder Dr. Moe Mukiibi describe the development of BEOGEN® Botanical Essence Skin Care products.

    The Science of Skincare


    Skin is the largest organ of the human body, covering 1-2 square meters and comprising 12-15% of our weight. Healthy skin performs several important functions from regulating body temperature to keeping in water and nutrients while keeping out water, bacteria, and viruses. Maintaining skin health is vital to our overall well-being.

    Throughout our lives, our skin is influenced by both environmental (extrinsic) and genetic (intrinsic) factors. Ultraviolet rays from the sun and free radicals cause cellular damage and as our skin ages, we notice the symptoms: wrinkling, sagging, uneven skin tone, and “sunspots”. These effects can be minimized with the use of specially designed skincare products.

    Solgesic Inc. has developed an all natural, dual-action, anti-aging formulation called BEOGEN®. Activated Proprietary Specialty Antioxidants (PSAs) and Activated Proprietary Healthy Skin Cell Promoters (PHSCPs) work simultaneously at a molecular level to minimize both extrinsic and intrinsic factors that contribute to the aging of skin.

    BEOGEN® Works for All Generations

    Our Goal: 100% natural, safe, and effective skincare solutions for all generations. BEOGEN® Skincare.

    The Uniqueness of BEOGEN®

    BEOGEN® enhances nature’s solutions through science.

    We start with a blend of traditional African plant oils with all their inherent benefits then process it to isolate and enhance the antioxidant/anti-aging compounds naturally occurring in the essential oil mixture. The result is an organic skincare formula that naturally and gently softens and rejuvenates skin while preventing skin damage and reducing the signs of aging. BEOGEN® is effective on all areas of the skin, especially those that are vulnerable to exposure to the sun and other environmental elements.

    Nature’s own raw botanical materials are the foundation of our finished topical BEOGEN® product. Global sourcing has increased access to unique and complex materials with differing chemistry and handling methods. Through his personal experience and broad technical expertise, Dr. Moe assesses the raw materials for quality, effectiveness, and safety of handling and use. The final, 100% organic, raw materials were selected based on compatibility and functionality while ensuring the desired final product characteristics: color, scent, viscosity, optimal pH, gentleness, absorption, and shelf life.

    Dr. Moe’s processing of the unique plant oils adds to BEOGEN®’s uniqueness. First, the carefully selected raw materials are interacted through a multi-step, environmentally friendly, proprietary process. Next, the antioxidant properties are enhanced using two catalysts. Finally, this product is quantum activated through a proprietary designed plug flow reactor at a specified hydraulic residence time (HRT). These steps collectively 1) unlock anti-aging properties, giving BEOGEN® “a unique memory” capable of erasing and minimizing skin aging effects and 2) ensure formation of an activated product with enhanced antioxidant properties.

    The result is 100% organic, environmentally responsible skincare that safely and effectively hydrates and heals, naturally.

    All Natural Skin Care Oil
    Science-Driven Skin Care Oil

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