BEOGEN® Bulgarian Lavender

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1 fl. oz. / 30 mL

BEOGEN® with Bulgarian Lavender essence, all-natural, 100% organic, plant-based skincare will leave your skin feeling soothed and noticeably softer while the enhanced antioxidants dramatically reduce the signs of aging. BEOGEN® is a unique blend of traditional botanical oil remedies from Africa, specially selected for their hydrating and healing properties then activated and enhanced through our proprietary process.

RECOMMENDED USE: BEOGEN® is a skin oil unlike other water-based skincare solutions. Please only use 2 drops of BEOGEN® on your skin and allow 10-15 minutes for it to be fully absorbed.

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Food Grade Ingredients:

Organic, food grade, botanical oils rich in activated Omega-9, Hemp, Omega-3, Omega-6, vitamins A, E, F, micronutrients, Lavande officinale.

““If you wouldn’t put it in your mouth, you have no business putting it on your skin.” – Dr. Moe

100% Natural, Plant-Based:

Skin Care
Skin Nutrition

Solgesic, Inc.

Skin Health Benefits, BEOGEN Helps:

• Strengthen skin barrier to retain moisture and keep out irritants
• Increase cell turnover for revitalized skin
• Even tone
• Balance oil production
• Reduce inflammation
• Protect from sun damage
• Diminish signs of aging
• Enhance collagen production

Free From:

Animal Testing


8 reviews for BEOGEN® Bulgarian Lavender

  1. Nicole

    Soothing Lavender Beogen is perfect for nighttime use on my face, arms and hands. I love the calming lavender essence that doesn’t linger too long. My skin feels so soft. Great product!

  2. Andrew

    I have suffered from acne breakouts for years. This product soothes and softens my sensitive skin and the antimicrobials in the plant oils should help prevent future breakouts. I am especially pleased to have found an all natural product.

  3. Renelle Kay Jorgenson

    09/26/2019Your product is a wonderful solution for dry skin, and itching, my eyes used to itch from makeup, and makeup remover I used your product in and around my eyes and it soothes and takes away itching. I use it for under eye moisturizer under make up. I use it as a feminine lubricant, I use it any place I want my skin to shine. I love your product! Thank you!

  4. Tom

    Of all the skin care products I’ve tried, never have I found one that is as effective as Beogen! My skin (face, neck and hands) is soft, looks great and I love the Bulgarian Lavender fragrance.

  5. Thomas Drzemala

    I bought some Beogen for myself and my wife asked if she could try some. I said “sure”. She applied it to her face and she was so amazed with how it took her bags away and made her face so youthful, she asked if I could get her more. She has been telling all the nurses she works with and now, they all want some. I just bought 10 more for starters but it looks like I will need more soon.

  6. Vlad T

    Excellent skincare product! The lines on my face becomes less visible, and it moisturizes the skin like no other lotion can. It stays on the skin for long. I also notice it reduce the effect the sun has on my skin. I highly recommend it!

  7. Renelle Kay Jorgenson

    This changes your skin to smooth vibrant and moisturized luxury. I use it all over and it’s such a great price. Don’t spend those huge dollars on beauty creams when this is pure and works so much better for your skin! I recommend it highly!

  8. Jeff Romero (store manager)

    I can’t recommend this product enough. If you want softer skin, you need to try it. Plus, the lavender smells great!

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