Our Story

    The story of Solgesic begins in the country of Uganda, in east central Africa, where Moe Mukiibi grew up. Over 80% of the 42 million people in Uganda depend directly on natural products for food, clothing, medicine, and skin care. “As a child, I wore shirts made of tree bark and used a stick with active anti-microbial properties to brush my teeth,” recalls Moe. “Every morning, before going to school, my mother applied a concoction of native plants to hydrate and protect my skin.” Moe learned first-hand, early in life of the effectiveness of the native plants and developed an interest in the important role of natural products.
    Dr. Moe Mukiibi of Solgesic
    To expand his technical knowledge of natural products chemistry and their interactions with human cells, Moe studied at Makerere University, the largest university in the East Africa region. He learned about interactions in nature at a molecular level. After completing his Bachelor’s degree in Chemistry, Moe moved to the Unites States where he earned both his Master’s and Doctorate degrees in Engineering at the University of Arizona.

    While in the hot, arid climate of Arizona, Dr. Moe quietly observed that most of his friends and acquaintances had dry, damaged, and prematurely aged skin on their face, neck, hands, arms, ankles, and feet. Scratching and sun exposure worsened the deterioration, a trend that continued as people got older. Additionally, Dr. Moe noticed that the less natural melanin produced in skin, the more susceptible it was to the damaging effects of the sun’s rays. Using his knowledge of and experience with natural products, Dr. Moe was inspired to formulate an emulsion capable of dramatically slowing skin deterioration and aging. The product he created has been so effective and well received that Dr. Moe began dreaming of making the formulation more widely available to help people maintain skin health.

    Through his business partners, Dr. Moe found the necessary marketing and operations expertise and the decision was made to form Solgesic, a woman and minority-owned business, and launch of the BEOGEN® line of all-natural skincare products.

    Solgesic Gives Back
    The story of Solgesic would not be complete without mention of The African Children’s Charity (ACC), a 501 (c) (3) organization founded by Dr. Moe Mukiibi and dedicated to providing a safe, loving, home environment, education, and medical care to orphaned children in Uganda. A portion of the proceeds from the sale of Solgesic Inc.TM products go directly to help fund this exceptional organization.

    Our Team

    Dr. Moe Mukiibi

    Dr. Moe Mukiibi was born and raised in the outskirts of Kampala, the capital city of Uganda. He received his Bachelor of Science degree in Chemistry from the Makerere University, then moved to the United States where he earned his Master’s degree and PhD in Engineering from the University of Arizona. He has 8 publications in peer reviewed journals, been invited to speak at over 20 conferences, received 15 Distinguished Awards related to innovative technology projects around the world, led numerous state of the art technical projects for the Federal and State governments, as well as Fortune 500 companies, led a technology team to clean up the worst oil spill in US history, and was nominated for the International Water Association (IWA) and World Health Organization (WHO) Technology Expert Roster. Dr. Moe is the Founder and Ugandan Advisor of The African Children’s Charities.

    Dr. Moe is responsible for R & D, production, and enthusiastically sharing his dream.

    “I want to be remembered that I used my God given talents to make a difference in the world. That will be my legacy!”

    Solgesic Founder
    Solgesic, Inc.